UnikFunkis - the optimal solution

UnikFunkis makes classic and modern high-quality windows and doors with optimal functionality and service life. Select a material in wood, mahogany or wood-aluminium that blends in with the building. We abide by our slogan “We uphold architectural traditions” to the full, thereby contributing to unique architectural consistency. Our entire range of products is produced at an ultra-modern manufacturing system at our plant in Viborg and we use only top-quality raw materials. Skilled, qualified employees manufacture our products on time and at reasonable prices. We are members of appropriate quality assurance and guarantee schemes.


The Eref values are:

Wood: -30 kWh\m² with 2-layer glass and -12 kWh\m² with 3-layer glass

Mahogany: -33 kWh\m²
Wood/Aluminium Energy: -30 kWh\m² with 2-layer glass and -13 kWh\m² with 3-layer glass

Energy +Plus: +5 kWh\m²