Impressive building

Modern windows

Large, impressive building with a beautiful facade. The windows have an anodized surface on the outside, which compliments the rustic look. Solar glass reduces blinding light from the sun and reduces overheating in the room, so you get a pleasant indoor climate.

Office building

Modern windows

Exclusive office building with primarily fixed frames. The windows are fitted with solar glass and enamel glass in an elegant combination.

Enamel glass is a matte tempered colored glass that is used to create clean aesthetic lines, among other things.

Unik Funkis - træ-alu vinduer og døre

Beautiful villa

Modern windows

Large beautiful villa with wooden/aluminum windows. Several of the windows are fitted with shutter elements for undisturbed ventilation. Note the beautiful entrance with sloping upper part.


Watershed Funkisvilla

Modern windows

Modern funkisvilla with maximum glass area. Unobstructed view with large window sections, narrow frames and step pane. With such large windows, we recommend sun-blocking glass – here Sunguard 51/28 is used.

Modern Funkisvilla

Modern windows

Modern funkisvilla with exclusive step window. The step window, which is a corner element made without a plumb line, contributes to an almost undisturbed view. Note the exterior color of the windows – it is also quite unique.

Classic property

Dannebrog Windows

Beautiful building with classic Dannebrog windows. The style completes the expression of the building.

Villa with lake view

Modern windows

Large beautiful elements combined with double sliding tilt doors bring nature right inside.

Villa in Funkis style

Modern windows

Villa in modern funkis style. The large window sections provide good light and complete the style. In the east and south-facing facades, Sungard stop-sun glass has been added.


Modern windows

The black windows harmonize beautifully with the sand-coloured facade stone, which is timeless and elegant.

Elegant villa

Modern windows

Modern wood/aluminum windows painted black both outside and inside. Inside, you are met by bright rooms with wonderful light coming in through the large windows.