A company with the will to want more.

UnikFunkis A/S – A 100% Danish-owned family business with production in Viborg, the heart of Jutland.

UnikFunkis Windows & Doors A/S is a service-oriented company that develops, manufactures and supplies windows and doors in wood/aluminium and finger-jointed wood and is focused on professional customers in the building and construction sector. We provide high quality at competitive prices, delivered and installed in co-operation with professional craftsmen.
The company is the result of a merger between Unik and Funkis in 2004, with the second generation of the two companies now running UnikFunkis.

For the past 40 years, we have been manufacturing high-quality wood and wood/aluminium windows and doors, adapted to the environment and our customers' wishes and needs.

Brian Bach and René Højlund - sales manager and CEO of UnikFunkis
UnikFunkis has created one of the best window systems on the market

Production and quality

The company has a high-tech production facility operated by skilled professionals. Good old-fashioned craftsmanship traditions are upheld, which means we can deliver a strong and well-crafted quality product that is functional and requires a minimum of maintenance.

UnikFunkis has created one of the best window systems on the market, which, along with a beautiful finish, is also environmentally friendly.
Only first-class raw materials are used in production, which is a prerequisite for a strong and long-lasting quality product.

UnikFunkis produces to order, and the products are sold through our large network of professional craftsmen who ensure the end customer a beautiful result.

Quality with guarantee

All requirements from Dansk Vindues Verifikation (DVV) are met, thereby ensuring the high quality, beautiful design and long life that UnikFunki A/S products are known for. UnikFunkis is of course CE certified and energy labelled.

UnikFunkis is a member of the industry association Vinduesindustrien. This means that you as a consumer are covered by the guarantee scheme that the organisation stands behind.


Danish windows and doors
Our windows and doors are known for their high quality, attractive design and long service life