The right choice of material for your particular solution depends on several factors. For example, how much time you want to spend on maintenance. Our wood/aluminium doors are low maintenance. Just make sure they are clean and that they are lubricated a couple of times a year. Wooden doors require a little more attention and will eventually need a paint refresh to make sure they're ready to withstand the elements. But no matter what you choose, you can be sure of a high-quality solution when you choose doors from UnikFunkis. Of course, you're welcome to drop by our showroom. Here you can see and feel the differences, and we are of course available for professional guidance.

We offer two different solutions, which you can learn more about below:

Wooden doors

If you choose wood windows and doors from UnikFunkis, you can be sure that all weather-stressed areas in the individual elements have a large proportion of heartwood. The advantages of heartwood are that it absorbs far less moisture than sapwood, and it has undergone a natural "self-impregnation" and therefore has a longer lifespan. By removing knots and finger joining the wood, an optimal base for surface treatment is achieved.

To protect the wood against degradation, UnikFunkis uses an environmentally friendly primer and surface treatment. This fully meets the current requirements from the Windows Industry's technical regulations, which in Denmark is the generally recognized basis for the manufacture of windows and exterior doors.

Glazing beads are usually supplied in powder-coated aluminum, matching the color of the wood. In some cases, glazing beads can be supplied as painted wooden beads with hidden nails.


Wood/aluminum doors

Combining wood and aluminum for window and door profiles offers several advantages. On the inside, the windows and doors look like traditional wooden solutions. On the outside, the elements from UnikFunkis also look like traditional wooden windows and doors. However, the exterior surfaces of the frames and sashes are fitted with aluminum profiles.

The aluminum profiles provide effective protection for the underlying wooden material, which is primed and surface treated like other wooden elements from UnikFunkis. At the same time, they have the great advantage that they do not need to be maintained, but simply cleaned, e.g. when windows are being cleaned anyway.

The aluminum profiles have a powder-coated surface and are available in nine standard colors. Special colors are delivered by agreement at an additional cost. In addition, this solution can be supplied with special acoustic windows and blinds.

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