Energy-efficient solutions

With our windows and doors, you get the opportunity to choose energy-efficient solutions that meet the demands of the times.

Traditional windows and doors in wood or wood/aluminium profiles
You can choose traditional wooden windows and doors in core fire. But by combining wood and aluminum for window and door profiles, several advantages are achieved. Inside, the windows and doors appear as completely traditional wooden solutions. On the outside, the elements from UnikFunkis also look like traditional wooden windows and doors, but the outer surfaces of frames and frames are provided with aluminum profiles. Wood and aluminum are combined with insulating material in the frame, which ensures good insulation. The elements are supplied with 2- or 3-layer glazing.

The aluminum profiles provide effective protection for the underlying wooden material, which is primed and surface treated like other wooden elements from UnikFunkis. At the same time, they have the great advantage that they do not need to be maintained, but simply cleaned, e.g. when windows and doors are plastered anyway. The aluminum profiles have a powder-coated surface and are available in nine standard colours. Special colors are delivered by agreement.

2-layer glass
Wood/aluminum and pine elements mounted with 2-layer energy glass with hot edge, mounted in standard frame 116 mm. It gives you a really good window that meets the requirements of the Building Regulations BR 18 until 31.12.2020. A good choice if you need to change windows in your basement or summer house.

3-layer glass
Wood/aluminum and pine elements with 3-layer glass in standard frame 116 mm. A good choice also when renovating if you want to ensure that you meet the expected requirements for Building Regulations BR20. The windows and doors are energy neutral with a small plus on the positive side. Retains the heat very well and actually adds some energy to the building.

EnergiPlus windows and doors – One of the market's most energy-saving elements
EnergiPlus windows and doors meet the Construction Industry's energy requirements for 2020, and were developed by UnikFunkis. EnergiPlus has a traditional frame for installation in an ordinary wall hole. The elements are in wood/aluminium, with 3-layer glazing with a warm edge, 140 mm frame depth in all designs and functions. EnergiPlus can be supplied with built-in blinds. A really good choice if you want the best possible energy, as the window/door adds a lot of heat to the building.

Wood/alu EnergiPlus is included/registered in the database for construction products that can be used/included in Swan-labelled construction (Bundstykke must not be selected as mahogany jf. O27).

If you want to know more about the energy performance of the individual profiles, you will find our energy label certificates here.